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BeeKind Services

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At BeeKind Honey Bees, we take pride in offering a range of comprehensive beekeeping services. Our ShareHive Program is designed to encourage individuals and groups to participate in the beekeeping season, even without being hands-on. This program allows you to support and learn about beekeeping while enjoying the fruits of our labor.

We also provide educational programs for individuals of all ages who are interested in learning about the fascinating world of bees. Our programs are tailored to suit different levels of knowledge and experience, so whether you are a beginner or an expert, we have something for everyone.

Additionally, we offer a LandShare Program that supports local pollination and enables us to expand our operations. Through this program, we partner with landowners to establish beehives on their property, which helps to promote the growth of local crops and flora.

Overall, our range of services is designed to provide our clients with an immersive and engaging beekeeping experience while promoting the importance of environmental sustainability and conservation.

Our Services

ShareHive Program

Our BeeKind ShareHive program was created for all people to enjoy unique, local, unpasteurized, raw honey from the wide variety of nectar drawn from the variety of plant life in the gardens, fields, and wildflowers found in our community and area.

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Education (All Ages)

Aside from working with honey bees, teaching (and sharing our experiences) is one of our greatest passions.

We offer beekeeping learning experiences for all ages through a variety of programs.

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Traditionally, commercial beekeepers enter into land use agreements with property owners and/ or farmers to host bee yards in exchange for a portion of the honey harvest.

If you're interested in learning more about hosting bees on your property, we're happy to help.


Services FAQs

Yes. We're happy to accommodate your interest in learning about honey bees and beekeeping from an introductory session (for any age) at our educational yard, to checking in on the health of your hives, to full multi-day beginner beekeeping courses. Contact Us with any questions you may have.

That often depends on the available forage, space, safe location, accessibility, and concentration of other bee yards in the area.

An apiary can have just one hive and increase considerably from there.

When we're considering a new apiary location for our operations, based on our management style, we start with 4 beehives on a pallet, increasing in multiples of 4.

Short answer, YES!

If you have a swarm of bees that are causing concern, or that you'd like relocated please do not hesitate to connect with us. Please be sure to confirm that they are in fact honey bees, and not any of their unpleasant cousins (wasps or hornets).

You can Contact Us anytime with the details of your swarm for a free removal. FYI, we're not licensed to do bee hive/ swarm removals that include any form of construction.

Currently, we're focused on working on a commercial scale, however work closely with our local beekeeping community, and often receive requests for possible small land use opportunities. Contact Us, and share the details of your land use opportunity. We'll do our best to connect you with a responsible local beekeeper in need.