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Nucs are used to start new bee hive colonies, increase apiary size, or to replace winter losses. FIVE frame nucleus (nuc) colonies include; three frames of brood (open and capped), one mated laying queen, and roughly 5000 honey bees (workers and drones). The fourth/ fifth frame are a feed frame with pollen, nectar, and/ or capped honey. 

Nuc's are housed in a reusable 5 frame boxes for transport. 

It's always best to reserve early, and ensure availability. Availability becomes increasingly difficult from March until May as beekeepers take reservations months in advance as part of their honey bee stock production planning.

We offer two main payment options; Full Payment, or a 50% deposit (with the balance due at the time of pick up, or anytime before). Nuc boxes are included in the full price of the 5 frame nuc, and are not expected to be returned for a refund, as in the past.

We also offer two pick up locations; Armstrong BC, and Revelstoke BC. Pick up details and directions to our Nuc yards with a map are mailed out 1 week prior to being available.

Pick up dates. We aim to have pick up in Armstrong BC for the May 21/22nd 2023 weekend, and Revelstoke BC for the May 27/28th 2023 weekend.  Please understand that these are expected dates, however each year's spring weather can significantly influence mating weather, which in turn can affect which weekend nucs are available for pick up. We appreciate customers may come from great distances, and will advise/ confirm pick up as soon as possible.

Other Notes; 

  • Come prepared to handle live bees with appropriate protective equipment, and a transport plan that will provide adequate ventilation during transport.
  • This is a live animal product, made to order in high demand. A restocking fee of $50 each will be charged for cancelled orders before May 1st 2023. Orders cancelled after May 1st 2023 will receive a store credit for the amount paid.
  • Any issues must be brought to our attention within 48 hours of receiving your bees.