Beginner Beekeeping Course classroom with students and beekeeper teachingBeginner Beekeeping Course classroom with students and beekeeper teaching

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Beekeeping for Beginners Beekeeping for Beginners

Beekeeping Courses

Beekeeping for BeginnersBeekeeping for Beginners

Beekeeping Courses

Beginner/ Refresher Beekeeping Course

Summary: This beginner/ refresher beekeeping course covers the basic to intermediate theory and practical experience needed to successfully get started and manage your first and second seasons of beekeeping.

The theory will be provided ONLINE over two engaging and interactive evening sessions. 

The practical will be provided in person at our educational bee yard in Revelstoke BC. 

Theory: This multi-day Beginner/ Refresher Beekeeping Course covers the foundation needed to understand the theory of: beekeeping equipment and tools costs (your investments) beekeeping season (timeline and duties) integrated pest management (disease, virus, and mite management)how a colony operates (what to expect and risk management)honey harvest winter preparations (mite checks and treatment, supplemental feeding) wintering (protective wraps) second season spring management (introduction )responsible beekeeping bee regulation (your rights and responsibilities) bee inspectors (how they support beekeepers) hive registrations (your requirements, how they benefit beekeepers) the beekeeping community, and resources, etc.

Practical: The practical is an interactive hands on learning experience/ field day where participants will be working with and in the beehive: electric fencing/ bear awareness reviewing standard hive set up and timing managing frames and hive equipment identifying (queens, workers, drones/ egg/ larvae/ capped brood/ pollen/ nectar/ honey) learning integrated pest management best practices (mite checks, treatment) record keeping pulling honey for harvest winter preparations second season introduction

Participants will have an opportunity to work through the season from; transferring a nuc into a hive, swarm control, splitting hives and methods, adding/ pulling honey supers, feeding, winter preparation, and winterizing.

Basic protection is required this day (gloves, vail or bee jacket/ bee suit). Hive tool and smoker are preferred.

Outcome: Participants will develop a theoretical and practical knowledge of beekeeping confidently and responsibly and/ or improve their beginner level beekeeping practices with a strong focus on hands on experience through one on one instruction.

The Beginner/ Refresher Beekeeping Course is a two part course.

1. Theory May 4 & 5 2023 (Thursday/ Friday) 6pm-8:30pm

2. Practical May 6 2023 (Sunday) 9am-2pm

Each can be taken separately, however are most effective together as a full course.

Beekeeping Courses

Beekeeping Course Questions

We prefer that you provide your own beekeeping protective clothing (suit/ jacket and vail, gloves). However if needed we can help out with spare protective clothing.

We offer our beginner course from the last weekend in April until Mid May each year, and our beginner/ refresher couse in July.

This allows for a good range of weather, early development of the hives, and enough time for you to still get organized before first season activities begin (receiving your bees) at the end of May.

It also allows for you to be active in your beekeeping season and/ or plan in advance for the next season.


We appreciate hearing from you after you complete your beginner course. We want to continue supporting your development by answering questions, providing ongoing resources, and connecting you with the beekeeping community. It can be a complex skill to develop over time. We remember well what the beginning years and experience is like and want to make sure you and your bees are successful.