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Beeswax is a natural wax produced by honey bees. The bees form the wax into scales by wax-producing glands in the abdomen of the worker bees. Beeswax is used to create the hexagonal comb for storage of brood, pollen > bee bread, and nectar > honey. Beeswax is also used to cap (close off) brood cells, honey cells, and queen cells.

We collect beeswax during the honey extracting process from the wax capping, any damaged comb from the extracting equipment, and every few years from the beehive frames to keep the reused comb within a hive in good condition. We render (melt down and filter) the combination of beeswax to purify it from any remnant honey and impurities. The end result is a fine filtered beeswax with many applications and practical uses.

Our beeswax blocks are made from 100% pure filtered beeswax, rendered from wax cappings during the honey extraction process.

Beeswax has many uses ranging from; food wraps, candles, furniture polish, crayons, lip balm, wood lubricant, body butter, footwear waterproofing, wood cutting board conditioning, rust preventative for tools, homemade deodorant, lotion bars, soothing cracked heels and hands, homemade vapor rubs, and the list of great uses goes on.

Beeswax FAQs

We currently offer bulk discount retail pricing for larger quantities.

As we increase our operations and annual harvest, we will be promoting wholesale pricing for business to business customers.

Please Contact Us if you're interested in discussing wholesale pricing.

That often depends on a variety of conditions such as, the type (cappings wax, comb wax), age (new vs. old), as well as regional forage can also play a role in the wax color.