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BeeKind Honey Bees Inc.

Welcome to BeeKind Honey Bees, where we take pride in producing high-quality honey and bee-related products. As a small-scale commercial honey bee stock and raw honey producer, community beekeeping educator, and ecommerce retailer/wholesaler based in Revelstoke, British Columbia, we are dedicated to bringing you exceptional products and services. Our apiaries span from Revelstoke, into Malakwa, and Armstrong BC, Canada, providing us with access to a diverse range of micro-regions and forage, allowing us to produce unique and flavorful honey. We are excited to share our passion for nature, adventure, hard work, and quality with you.

Since our establishment in 2019, BeeKind Honey Bees has been Revelstoke's first full commercial Apiary. We take pride in offering quality products from the beehive, including raw unpasteurized honey, pure Canadian beeswax candles, raw bee pollen, and bulk beeswax, as well as for the beehive, such as nucleus colonies, queen bees, specialty beekeeping supplies and beekeeping equipment. We also provide a variety of beekeeping learning opportunities for all ages and levels of interest through our Shops and Services.

Our business philosophy is driven by our values of kindness, generosity, teaching, and sharing. We believe in being kind to each other and the world around us, especially in a world filled with environmental and social challenges. As a result, we emphasize the importance of using honey bees, beekeeping, and small business as a medium to express our values into actionable, positive, lasting change.

At BeeKind Honey Bees, we understand the importance of personalized service and are committed to providing the best customer experience possible. We believe that our passion for what we do, paired with our values, guide our priorities and enable us to offer unique and personalized products and services to our customers and beekeeping community.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about BeeKind Honey Bees. We are excited to share our story, experiences, products, and services with you. We look forward to your generous support and to continuing our journey together.

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2024 Nucs

Our Nucleus colonies (nucs) are produced annually from our honey bees' reproductive energy, with a focus on increasing operation size, helping new beekeepers get started, and replacing winter loss.

We also rear a limited supply of mated queens, with a focus on strong honey production traits and kind, gentle behavior.

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Raw Honey

Our high-quality raw honey is now available for purchase through our online shop. Raw honey is known for its numerous health benefits, including natural antibacterial properties and high levels of antioxidants. Get yours today and experience the delicious taste and health benefits of our raw honey.

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We are proud to share that our beekeeping journey started from humble beginnings as a hobbyist beekeeper with a passion for sharing and teaching others. Over time, with support from the beekeeping community, our interest in beekeeping has flourished, and we are now operating Revelstoke's first full commercial apiary.

Throughout our journey, we have remained committed to sharing our experiences and lessons with individuals of all ages. We firmly believe that beekeeping is not only a fascinating and rewarding pursuit but also an opportunity to cultivate a deeper connection with nature and our environment.

We are excited to continue sharing our knowledge and passion for beekeeping with others and look forward to supporting and guiding those who wish to embark on their own beekeeping journey.

What other say...


"I wanted to let you know that my nucs did amazingly well this spring/ summer. They have produced an abundance of honey and I have yet to find a mite (maybe because all the others nearby have your bees).

Beehives on stand in bee yard
Malcolm F,

Nelson BC, Aug 2021


"Thank you for your recent honey delivery. It was easy, fast and absolutely delicious!. Will reorder again soon."

Dawn R,

Revelstoke BC, Nov 2020


"It's much appreciated!. I can't wait to make some candles from my beeswax... the honey is amazing and the delivery was super speedy!"

Lisa C,

Revelstoke BC, Nov 2020


The ordering was smooth and easy for a non literate computer user and I thank you for the quick efficient service. What a lovely little extra... bee pollen. Have not used that for years. Many thanks.

M&D Bott,

Revelstoke Dec 2020


Amazing product & the service was impeccable! Thanks BeeKind!!

Kate B,

Revelstoke BC, Feb 2021

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