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ShareHive Program Overview

Are you interested in the fascinating world of beekeeping but unsure about the commitment and responsibilities involved? Our BeeKind ShareHive program offers a solution for you to enjoy the unique, local, unpasteurized, raw honey from a variety of nectar sources in our community and surrounding areas.

Through the ShareHive program, you can participate in the beekeeping season without the ongoing management responsibilities. We take care of the hive maintenance, seasonal management, and honey extraction. You get to enjoy the delicious, natural honey produced by your hive.

In addition, we invite you to schedule a visit to our educational yard to experience a hands-on introduction to basic beekeeping. This includes exploring the inside of your share hive and observing the fascinating world of honey bees up close.

Join our BeeKind ShareHive program today to experience the joys of beekeeping without the ongoing responsibilities. Contact us for more information on how to participate.

How to participate

Joining the BeeKind ShareHive program is easy and straightforward. As an individual, couple, family, or business, you can choose from a Quarter, Half, or Full BeeKind Share. This program is perfect for those interested in beekeeping but unsure of the responsibilities involved. Your investment covers hive set up, installation of a starter colony, maintenance and management fees, and a respective size share of the annual harvest. You will also receive monthly newsletters to stay informed on the development and activity of the hive.

You can join the program at any time throughout the year leading up to honey harvest, and each year you can increase or decrease your share for the following year. The earlier you participate, the more involved you will be in the notification, development, and activity of the BeeKind Share Hive. We also invite you to schedule time at our educational bee yard for an introductory session to beekeeping and to see first hand how your BeeKind Share Hive is performing.

If you're a land or property owner interested in hosting a bee yard, we encourage you to explore our Land Share Page and contact us for more information.

Investment/ Ownership

In the first year of our program, we take great care to ensure that all equipment is purchased new and built to the highest standards. This includes painting or wax dipping to protect against the elements and ensure longevity. As a result, the initial cost may be higher, but you can trust that your investment is well worth it.

During the last week of May, we install a nucleus colony, giving them ample time to build up and establish themselves before their first winter. From then on, ongoing maintenance is essential to ensure the health and well-being of the colony. Our team provides supplemental feeding and nutrition, especially during dearth periods when natural sources are less available. We also implement integrated pest management treatments and population control measures to manage swarming impulses and keep the colony healthy and happy.

In subsequent years, the overall cost of local, unpasteurized, raw honey is considerably cheaper than the first year. This is due to the hive's maturity, with drawn comb foundation and an established overwintered colony, which produces more honey than a colony started in late May. The advantage of coming through winter and having April and May to build up is significant, resulting in a greater annual subsequent year harvest yield.

With a BeeKind Share investment, you can expect a minimum share of raw honey during fall harvest, depending on the level of your share (Quarter, Half, or Full). This provides additional value for your investment and ensures that you can enjoy the delicious rewards of your support. Trust in our program to provide a sustainable and rewarding experience for both you and the bees.

ShareHive Program

ShareHive Questions

We often get a lot of questions about how our ShareHive program works. If there's anything we can help you with, or any questions we can answer, please let us know, by connecting with us.

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