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Zurkan Apipasta Supplemental Bee FeedZurkan Apipasta Supplemental Bee Feed

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Apipasta fondant supplemental bee feed ZurkanApipasta fondant supplemental bee feed Zurkan

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Apis Biologix

Apis Biologix Bio Activator and Bio Control, are a powerful and effective duo designed to help beekeepers maintain the health and vitality of their hives.

Bio Activator is a unique blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that stimulate the natural digestive processes of honeybees, resulting in improved gut health and overall vitality. By adding Bio Activator to your hives, you can help ensure that your bees have the proper digestive support they need to thrive, even in challenging conditions.

Bio Control is a natural, non-toxic treatment that helps control harmful pathogens and pests in your hives. Made from a proprietary blend of organic acids and essential oils, Bio Control is safe for bees and the environment, but tough on unwanted invaders. By using Bio Control as a preventative measure, you can help keep your hives healthy and productive, without the use of harsh chemicals or synthetic treatments.

Benefits of Apis Biologix Bio Activator and Bio Control:

  • Supports natural digestive processes and gut health in honeybees
  • Helps improve overall hive vitality and productivity
  • Non-toxic and safe for bees and the environment
  • Helps control harmful pathogens and pests in a natural way
  • Does not contain harsh chemicals or synthetic treatments

Whether you're a hobbyist or commercial beekeeper, Apis Biologix Bio Activator and Bio Control are essential tools for maintaining the health and productivity of your hives. Order today and give your bees the support they need to thrive!

Apipasta (fondant)

Introducing Apipasta - the ready-to-use, paste-like feed that is the perfect solution for year-round feeding of your honeybees. Designed specifically for late winter and early spring feeding, Apipasta doesn't add unwanted moisture into the hive, making it the perfect choice for strengthening the beehive during the coolest seasons and improving its resistance to pesticides. Here are some of the benefits of Apipasta:

  • Contains all the essential sugars, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, and amino acids that honeybees need to thrive
  • Easy-to-use product that doesn't require any previous preparation or water to be added
  • Composed of micro-crystals that are an average size of 15 µm, each coated with a layer of glucose syrup designed to be easily assimilated by bees
  • Very good assimilation, ensuring that the product is eaten by bees with no residue left in the beehive, avoiding contamination of honey by sugars
  • Long-lasting product that can be preserved for up to 18 months when stored in normal conditions
  • Absence of hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), a toxic substance for bees
  • Possibility of adding proteins to the product
  • Tailor-made to the specific needs of migratory beekeeping

Apipasta is especially recommended for the maintenance of colonies, weakened colonies' strengthening, and brood strengthening. It is a product that should be stored in a cool dry place, preferably at an ambient temperature of approximately 15°C to ensure optimal preservation. Order Apipasta today and experience the benefits of this high-quality, ready-to-use feed for your honeybees.

Global Pollen Patties

By feeding your hives Global Pollen patties, you can ensure that they produce strong and healthy colonies that yield maximum honey flow. Global Pollen protein supplement patties provide bees with the necessary protein and carbohydrates that they require for optimal health. In addition, protein patties are especially important during the spring months when bees are not able to forage due to poor weather conditions or lack of available pollen sources.

Benefits of Global Pollen protein patties include:

  • Increased brood production
  • Stronger and healthier colonies
  • Larger honey yields
  • Balanced diet for bees when foraging is not possible
  • Suitable for monoculture areas with limited pollen sources
  • Helps colonies recover from weather, pesticide exposure, mites, and disease

The consumption rate, not the amount of pollen, determines the nutritional and protein value of protein patties. The recommended percentage to feed your hives depends on their strength and how quickly you want the brood to build up. At 15%, the hive will experience faster brood production, but this also means that you will need to feed the bees more frequently.

In the spring, we recommend feeding protein patties at a 15% ratio to encourage faster brood production and ensure that the hive is strong and ready for the honey flow. Choose Global Pollen protein supplement patties for a reliable source of high-quality nutrition for your bees.