Zurkan Apipasta Supplemental Bee FeedZurkan Apipasta Supplemental Bee Feed
Apipasta fondant supplemental bee feed ZurkanApipasta fondant supplemental bee feed Zurkan

Supplemental Feed

Apipasta for beesApipasta for bees

Supplemental Feed

Supplemental Feed

Apipasta (fondant)

Apipasta is excellent for year round feeding but especially good for late winter and early spring feeding as it doesn’t add any unwanted moisture into the hive.

Apipasta fondant is made with all the essential sugars, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and amino acids that honeybees need to thrive. Ready-to-use paste-like feed used for emergency feed, or for additional winter food stores. It strengthens the beehive during the coolest seasons, boosts its productivity and improves its resistance to pesticides.

It is composed of micro-crystals of an average size of 15 µm. Each crystal is coated with a layer of glucose syrup, especially designed to be easily assimilated by bees.

Benefits of Apipasta

It strengthens the beehive during the coolest seasons.

Easy-to-use product, not requiring previous preparation or water to be added.

Very good assimilation, especially designed for extraction and ingestion by bees.

Product eaten by bees with no residue in the beehive, avoiding that honey may be contaminated by sugars.

Long-lasting product, which may be preserved for 18 months if stored in normal conditions.

Absence of hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), toxic substance for bees.

Possibility of adding proteins to the product.

Tailor-made to the specific needs of migratory beekeeping.

Especially recommended for:

Maintenance of colonies

Weakened colonies’ strengthening

Brood strengthening


Store in a cool dry place, preferably at an ambient temperature of approximately 15°C.

Global Pollen Patties

Feeding your hives Global Pollen (protein supplement) patties helps ensure that they produce strong and healthy colonies, by increasing brood production and overall honey flow.

Bees need both protein and carbohydrates. Feeding protein patties in the spring ensures colony health, good build-up of brood and produce large honey crops.

Patties ensure a balanced diet when bees are unable to forage due to weather, when there is a shortage of stored pollen, in monoculture areas where only a few pollen sources are to be found, are subject to competition from stronger hives in the yard or stressed by weather, pesticides, mites and diseases.

The amount of pollen does not determine the nutritional or protein value, but in fact, the consumption rate. Depending on how strong your hives are and how fast you want the hive brood to build up, will determine what percentage you should be feeding. At 15% you have a much faster build-up but much faster consumption rate as well, meaning you will have to feed more often.

In the Spring, we recommend 15% for a faster build-up so that the hive is strong and ready for the honey flow.