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Wax Dipping ~ (Estimate Request)
Wax Dipping ~ (Estimate Request)
Wax Dipping ~ (Estimate Request)

Wax Dipping ~ (Estimate Request)

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Over the years we have grown an appreciation for wax dipped wooden ware over other methods of protecting and extending the quality and life of hive equipment against the elements.

Service Request

We're pleased to offer a custom wax dipping service by estimate. Options include dipping at our location, or travelling to your location. Let us know you're interested by completing an order for this item. We will connect with you shortly after receiving your request. Please leave a description of your project in the check out Notes section.

Wax Dipping

The wax covers all surfaces, both inside and out. Any moisture, air or sap in the hive's timber gets replaced by molten wax, providing protection for wooden beehives. Molten wax can penetrate the joints, repaired sections and other difficult-to-reach surfaces of the box that paint typically doesn't cover.

In Australia and New Zealand, beekeepers have been using a special technique for preserving their hives. It is eco-friendly, chemical free, and they say that their hives can last as long as 30 years before retreatment is necessary.

We exclusively use a blend of paraffin wax and microcrystalline wax designed specifically for beekeepers to enhance hive and woodenware protection, called HiveGuard

HiveGuard™ is a proven proprietary blend of waxes which is currently used by many beekeepers in North America. HiveGuard has many excellent benefits:

  • Optimal wax formulation
  • Maximum penetration/impregnation
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Maintains flexibility to prevent cracking
  • Maximum preservation and disease prevention
  • Up to 25 years durability
  • High temperature sterilization & stability
  • Can re-dip/rejuvenate woodenware years later
  • Single component, simple to apply
  • Complies with FDA regulations
  • Long-term cost effective vs. the elements and diseases
  • The wax covers all surfaces of the wood – both inside and out.
  • Wax dipping prevents wood rot caused by moisture and fungi.
  • No off-gassing time – hives can be used right away.
  • Greatly increases longevity of the beehive.
  • The hot wax sterilizes equipment, even killing American Foulbrood spores. 
  • Old hives can be re-dipped and reused. 
  • Wax is more natural and chemical free than paint and stain.
  • Wax dipped hives look great. The golden sheen achieved from the wax dip is very attractive.

HiveGuard™ replaces “unfriendly” chemicals such as rosin, solvents and paints to provide superior performance.

Let us know how we can help with your wooden ware preservation project through wax dipping by completing this No Charge estimate request. Please add the specific details of your project request in the following steps at the check out Notes section.

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